grip1 [ grıp ] noun **
▸ 1 firm strong hold
▸ 2 power/control
▸ 3 part of object for holding
▸ 4 someone who moves cameras
▸ 5 small bag for traveling
▸ 6 for holding hair
1. ) singular a firm strong hold:
Marguerite took my hand in a surprisingly strong grip.
tighten your grip: Pete tightened his grip on her arm.
release/loosen your grip: She loosened her grip on the steering-wheel.
a ) singular or uncount if shoes or tires have grip, they hold a surface firmly and do not slip:
I need some winter boots with a better grip.
2. ) singular grip on power and control over someone or something:
The President struggled to regain his grip on power.
The church no longer has a strong grip on the population.
3. ) count the part of an object that has a special rough surface that you can hold firmly in your hands
4. ) count someone whose job is to move cameras around while television programs or movies are being made
5. ) count OLD-FASHIONED a small bag that you use when traveling
6. ) count BRITISH a BOBBY PIN
be in the grip of something
to be in a difficult or unpleasant situation:
The country was in the grip of an economic crisis.
The forest is still in the grip of winter.
come to grips with something
to start to deal with a problem, situation, or job that you have to do
get a grip on something
to begin to understand a difficult situation and start to find a way of dealing with it
get a grip (on yourself) SPOKEN
to make an effort to control your emotions or your behavior:
For God's sake get a grip!
lose your grip (on something)
to become less able to understand things or deal with them:
Are you starting to lose your grip on reality?
grip 2 [ grıp ] verb **
1. ) transitive to hold something tightly:
She gripped Frank's hand firmly to show her support.
Although the car was stationary, his hands were still gripping the wheel.
a ) intransitive or transitive if shoes or tires grip, they hold a surface firmly and so do not slip
2. ) transitive to have a strong effect on someone:
A feeling of fear gripped the crowd.
Britain was still gripped by recession.
3. ) transitive to keep someone very interested in something:
The case has gripped the public because of the celebrities involved.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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